The firm encourages retailers to take up its free POS initiative to drive footfall and customer return.

Moshling plush sales “exceed expectations” for Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche has seen a strong response to its new collection of Moshlings plush, with sales already exceeding initial expectations.

The firm has also seen exceptionally high redemption levels of each plush character’s unique digital codes, ‘demonstrating strong engagement with the main selling point of the products.’

“Sales have already exceeded our initial expectations with kids commenting that they can’t wait to get their hands on all 12,” said Grace Elphinstone, marketing communications manager at Carte Blanche.

“Kids are telling us they love the brand with some even making some amazingly creative review videos. Mrs Snoodle has emerged as a clear favourite, showing that kids are continuing to engage with the brand.”

To continue to drive the popularity of the new plush collection, Carte Blanche has launched a heavyweight marketing campaign including a customer loyalty scheme and a free POS initiative for retailers.

“Point of sale is a really important aspect of our marketing of this range and we have worked hard to develop impactful solutions that will stop kids in there tracks as soon as they walk in to store, as well as offering retailers a maximum return for minimum footprint,” continued Elphinstone.

Nationwide, Clintons has already featured bespoke point of sale in window displays, featuring a Moshling Collection Tree FSDU.

This branded display unit is now also available to independent retailer stocking the range.

“Retailers seem to have embraced the POS,” continued Elphinstone. “In many cases they have made space in store to accommodate the brand.”

The POS also features a strong drive to and highlights the special secret codes kids can use to unlock online content.

“The digital unlock codes, which are a key USP of the range, have seen exceptionally high redemption levels, demonstrating that kids really engage with the main benefit and selling point of the products,” said Elphinstone.

Further additions to The Moshlings Collection will be introduced throughout the year, with ranges lined up for throughout 2015 and beyond.

“We have actually started to tease in the next launch within our collectors leaflets and kids are already talking on social media channels as to what characters are due to be launched next,” said Elphinstone.

“Moshi Monsters is an evergreen brand and Moshlings particularly have a collectable quality. With our expertise in creating collectable plush products, we see a strong long term partnership with Mind Candy,” she concluded.

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