“I’ve never launched a show where we’ve sold 13,500 tickets for an event that’s months away," said co-organiser Clive Morton.

Brick 2014 enjoys “phenomenal” early interest

The upcoming Brick 2014 event has enjoyed strong early sales, its organisers have told ToyNews.

The show, taking place at ExCeL London in November, promises fans of all ages an experience that allows them to experience, and get hands on, with LEGO.

“It’s gone mad,” Peninsula Exhibitions director and Brick 2014 co-organiser Clive Morton told ToyNews.

“I’ve never launched a show where we’ve sold 13,500 tickets for an event that’s six months away. It’s phenomenal. Everybody’s child is the biggest LEGO fan and the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) scene is growing.”

The LEGO community is a passionate one, and Morton is keen to ensure Brick 2014 not to disappoint.

“We’re very conscious that we’ve got to deliver some fantastic content at this show,” added Morton.

“If we go out with anything like a Winter Wonderland, we’ll be lynched.”

LEGO shows have taken off in the US with the likes of BrickFair and BrickCon, and the organsers of Brick 2014 are confident that this UK event can just as popular.

“It can be just as big,” said Morton.

“We are effectively a fan convention. Look at Comic Con down at the ExCeL. That had 50,000 people in one day. All of the big event organisers are looking at fan content shows because the audience would wade through three feet of snow to get to that show. It’s a dedicated audience and a growth market in events at the moment.

“We’ve caught the tiger by the tail by having the hottest toy brand and the hottest capital city in the world, it couldn’t be better.”

But what can visitors expect from Brick 2014?

“You can expect more LEGO bricks than you’ve ever seen before in your life,” independent LEGO artist and Brick 2014 co-organiser Warren Elsmore told ToyNews.

“There will be variety of exhibition areas from adult fans, commercial builders and from The LEGO Company itself, interspersed with a lot of play areas. No matter where you are, there will be LEGO bricks for you to get your hands on and play with. There is a brick theatre area, the content we are yet to announce, but it will be a unique experience at the show.

“We’re throwing the net as wide as we can. If there is any part of the LEGO eco system, like the movie and the video games, we want to try and get those people along to the show to celebrate LEGO.”

Brick 2014 will also feature a retail element stocking new product ranges, as well as rare vintage LEGO.

“There will be a large retail store stocking all the LEGO product lines and we have independent traders selling vintage and collectable sets,” added Elsmore.

“If you are looking for a LEGO set you had as a kid that you’ve never been able to find since, this is the place to come and try to find it. They are storeowners, but came from the same background as a lot of the fans. These are people that make their living buying and selling old LEGO sets in the same way that Star Wars collectables would be sold.”

The show, previously held in Manchester, was renamed, pushed back and changed venue earlier this year due to an unexpected level of interest.

Elsmore said: “We launched at O2’s live quarter and ticket demand was fantastic. We didn’t want to deny a lot people the ability to come and we didn’t want ticket scalpers coming in trying to raise ticket prices because we want to open it up as much as we can.

“Unfortunately we outgrew the venue, but on the flipside, it gives us more time to build up excitement and build more models and displays for November.

“We’re expecting up to 60,000 visitors over the weekend. It’s a big show.”

With the success of The LEGO Movie, as well as the ever-thriving AFOL community, Elsmore expects all ages to attend.

“From our experience in the past, we’ll see adults bringing children, children bringing adults and adults bringing adults. There no real rules as long as you’re a child at heart," added Elsmore.

“As well as lots of stuff for kids to do and LEGO to play with, there’s going to be a big fan element with adult fans who are still building amazing things LEGO. We’re allowing the public to see what you can do if you have no limit on time with bricks.

“LEGO are heavily involved in the event, both LEGO in the UK and LEGO head office in Denmark. We are working with them to make sure we can give the customers the best experience they can get when they come through the door.”

Brick 2014 will take place at ExCeL London from November 27th to 30th.

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