Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reprise their roles as the crime fighting duo in a new line of life-like action figures.

New Sherlock action figures available to pre-order

Benedict Cumberbatch has reprised his role as BBC’s Sherlock two years early, thanks to a new line of action figures from Big Chief Studios.

The1:6 scale action figures depict the famous detective and his loyal sidekick, Doctor John Watson, as played by Martin Freeman.

The figures feature a number of accessories, including a range of different hands, a skull, mobile phones, weapons and of course Sherlock’s iconic violin.

Aimed at the collectors market, the figures are available to pre-order now, with individual action figures selling for the pricey sum of £169.99 each.

Meanwhile, the avid fans can pick up the pair to the tune of £339.98, but of course the price is elementary.

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