Character Options' Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker scooped a Lifestyle Product Award and topped NPD lists last year. The firm reveals its campaign behind a launch of new ChillFactor products.

Campaign of the Month: ChillFactor

ChillFactor Slushy Maker exceeded all expectations last year with three quarters of a million units sold throughout summer, autumn and winter.

This year’s Toy Fair saw ChillFactor named as the toy industry’s Lifestyle Product of 2013 and the Slushy Maker has topped NPD lists since its launch.

However, with a host of new arrivals to the slushy maker portfolio, ChillFactor is no longer a standalone product, as Character Options introduces a full line of slushy and ice cream making gadgets for 2014.

This spring will witness the arrival of the ChillFactor Colour Blast series and Ice Cream Maker. These will soon be followed with the Jelly Maker and Frozen Yoghurt Tub in the summer.

Marketing of the new collection will continue in the same vein as 2013, targeting traditional TV and print, each complemented with social media. Consumer shows with live demonstrations of the capabilities of the ChillFactor products are also on the agenda.

Slushy online
Character Options is continuing its campaign to send out continual streams of samples, targeting parental influencers, food writers and travel journalists. The reach already surpasses 700,000 for 2014, and with constant monthly outreach, the coverage is predicted only to grow.

Small Screen
Character Options has 1,900 TVRs planned for the year, supporting the four new lines on some of the most popular terrestrial and satellite children’s channels.

Hot off the press
Kids aged six to ten will be asked to vote for their ‘Nation’s Favourite Ice Cream’ flavour alongside sampling a selection of ice cream recipes in various children’s titles across the UK. Furthermore, competitions running throughout the spring will reach a combined total audience of over 2.5million children.

Live Consumer Events
The Good Food Show remains one of the most popular places to experience all things food related, and this year is just one focus of Character’s adult marketing campaign. The buying public will be able to see the ChillFactor range at work and over 10,000 samples of slushies, treats and ice creams will be made and handed out to the crowds.

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