New brand features collectable Little Live Pet birds that tweet and talk back to children.

Little Live Pets UK launch set for July

Moose Toys’ new collectable brand Little Live Pets will launch in the UK in July 2014, courtesy of Character Options.

Little Live Pets is the new brand from Moose Toys featuring collectable Little Live Pet birds that tweet and talk back to children.

The Little Live Pets Butterflies also feed, sleep and flutter in the palm of children’s hands.

"We are delighted to be working once again on one of Moose’s unique toy concepts," said Character Options brand manager, Kathryn Elliott.

"Little Live Pets completely captivated our visitors at the London Toy Fair and it is obvious they had an equally enthusiastic introduction in New York.

“The Little Live Pets birds’ talkback feature will make their owners feel they have a real live feathered friend in their hands. The products unique recording feature means you can talk to your bird and listen as they chat back to you. They are sweet and incredibly realistic and at just £9.99 SRP each, a whole aviary of multicoloured pets is possible.

“In addition to our media plans, which will drive demand and collectability, we will be creating inventive point of sale options to ensure the brand is displayed at its colourful best."

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