More than 6,000 votes were cast for a Kent version, with Canterbury narrowly beating Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Monopoly Canterbury heads to retail following public vote

Canterbury has won a public vote to star in a Kent-themed Monopoly board.

The city beat 19 other Kentish cities and towns in country wide contest.

The options were whittled down to Cantebury, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Dover, Rochester, Margate and Maidstone.

More than 6,000 votes were cast, with Canterbury narrowly beating Royal Tunbridge Wells to the honour.

Before the game lands on the shelves, the public now have the chance to vote for the Canterbury landmarks to feature on the new board.

The public will be invited to nominate which locations, and where they should appear on the board, over a ten-day voting period.

"We’re delighted to be producing this official version of Monopoly based on the most popular loved landmarks of Canterbury," said Robert Osborne, Monopoly manager at Winning Moves UK.

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