Annette Thas won $4,500 for her Sculpture By The Sea entry.

Belgian artist creates ten foot wave entirely out of Barbie dolls

A Belgian artists has been quite literally been making waves in the toy industry, creating a ten foot tall wave entirely out of Barbie dolls.

The 12 foot structure was assembled as part of an Australian art competition, in which it scooped first place.

The Australian based artist Annette Thas won $2,500 for the people’s choice award and $2,000 for the kids’ choice award, for the sculpture made of over 3,000 Barbies, reports the Daily Mail.

Thas said: “This is first and foremost an artwork on memory and memory of childhood.

“It’s such an iconic image people are going to have a relationship with it wherever in the world it is exhibited.”

Check out images of the Sculpture By The Sea competition winning entry below:

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