Any new product launches for 2014 are eligible to be entered.

Rainbow Toy Awards 2014 now open for entries

The Rainbow Toy Awards 2014 are now open for entry.

Any new product launches for 2014 are eligible to be entered into the Awards, which celebrate ‘excellence in the toy industry’ and are chosen by the children themselves.

“We enjoy seeing which toys children really love and the fact both new companies and large established toy industry names all compete on an equal footing," said Awards managing director, Peter Dawson.

“The Awards have grown year on year, and part of the success is keeping to our core values, ensuring that winning an award is a real accolade for each company, as we say each year – the Rainbow Toy Awards 2014 look set to be the best ever!”

Helen Davis from Rainbow 360 Media, a main part of the Awards team, added: “Using the awards website we are now offering product reviews, ensuring the site is visited more regularly during the year and not just around the time the awards are announced. 

"Using the blog-style format, parents easily gain the information they require and can comment on each product in a format they are at ease with. We felt the site with this familiar feel is much more powerful than a potentially off putting full corporate offering.”

Entry forms can be downloaded at

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