Bandai, Jakks Pacific and Rubie's each have ranges based on the upcoming blockbuster.

Warner Bros details Godzilla toy ranges

Warner Bros has detailed the toy offering for upcoming blockbuster, Godzilla.

Bandai has a wide range of figures inspired by the film, including Tail Strike Godzilla and Smash Strike Godzilla Fighting Figures.

Also from Bandai is a two pack of chibi-style collectible figures, a Pack of Destruction boasting figures, destructable buildings and military aircrafts and an Atomic Roar action figure complete with ‘atomic breath’ action.

Jakks Pacific has a Massive Godzilla Figure that is over 43 inches in length while NECA has a collectible range of figures and accessories based on the film.

Rubie’s will be giving fans this chance to dress as Godzilla with Halloween with costumes, masks and a hoodie that zipsall the way up at the front to transform wearers into the iconic monster.

As well as the toy range, a Kinetix t-shirt will be available exclusively at Kitson stores in the US.

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