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New brand launches today.

Mattel targets blaster category with BOOMco

Mattel is entering the blaster sector with the launch of its new lifestyle brand, BOOMco.

The BOOMco range boasts an assortment of blasters and accessories designed to ‘bring friends together for high energy fun and active competition’.

In a statement, Mattel said that ‘BOOMco brings big news to the blaster category with new technology, an exciting brand identity and unexpected product features.’

The BOOMco brand features signature Smart Stick darts, shields, and targets. Using Smart Stick technology, every plastic dart will stick to theSmart Stick shields and sticky targets only.

All blasters are air powered, with no batteries required, and include a Smart Stick Target and Darts, available in a range of colours and patterns.

The BOOMco Shields, allow players to catch opponents’ Darts, re-load and fire them back.

The range will be backed by an extensive marketing campaign and boy engagement following today’s launch.

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