The figure is based on Sadako Yamamura, the ghoulish girl from the 1998 Japanese classic Ringu.

Bandai S H Figuarts to release The Ring action figure

Anyone who has seen the Japanese horror movie, The Ring (Ringu), would possibly agree that the image of Sadako crawling from a TV set isn’t something you’d wish to wake up to.

But thanks to Japanese toy firm Bandai S H Figuarts, this horrifying scenario can now become a reality with a new line of action figures based on the iconic ghoulish girl.

The new Sadako figure comes apart at the waist and includes a TV display base, allowing horror fans to position the figure in the character’s iconic ‘emerging from the TV’ position, reports Fearnet.

The movie features a cursed video tape that will kill everyone who watches it in seven days.

The figure – set for release this July for around $45 – will also feature a selection of hands and heads. And yes, a VHS tape thrown in as a ‘fun accessory.’ Although we wouldn’t put it the VCR, just in case.

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