The company believes the Blobfish deserves a 'little hug'.

ThinkGeek turns world’s ugliest animal into plush toy

It’s been voted one of the world’s ugliest animals.

Take a quick glance at the Blobfish and there’s no denying that it certainly looks like one of most aesthetically unfortunate deep sea creatures imaginable.

It is probably somewhat of a surprise then that this ugly creature is now the subject of a new series of plush toys from ThinkGeek.

This plush toy, nicknamed “the grumpy cat of the sea”, is made from 100 per cent polyester and measures an impressive 24 inches in length.

Featuring the downturned mouth and bulbous nose synonymous with the species, the toy is based on the look of the creature when it is removed from its habitat 2000 feet under water.

“We’re going to call this Blobfish “cute”,” read a statement from ThinkGeek. “That’s the least we can do after pulling it up half a mile from its home and pointing and laughing at it.

“After all that maybe it could use a little hug?”

The Blobfish plush is available to order from ThinkGeek, and is aimed at children over the age of three.

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