"We hope toy shops will recognise the value that stocking an educational range will bring".

Green Board Education to have 140 products by end of 2014

Green Board Education, the educational arm of Green Board Games, is to have a portfolio of at least 140 products by the end of this year.

The firm has told ToyNews that it wants to have an expanded range, have secured overseas distribution and received recognition from both retail and the education sector.

“We have nearly 120 products within the current range with plans to add at least another 20 this year,” said Sarah Bullivant, head of Green Board Education. “Lead times in the educational sector are longer than the toy and gift markets, so by the end of 2014 we want to accomplish four things. Firstly, more product innovation. Secondly, we want to have as many listings as possible for catalogues in 2014 and 2015. Thirdly, we are seeking overseas distributors. We signed our first two at Nuremberg last month and we have a lot of leads to follow up.

“Finally, we want GBE to be recognised within both the education and the retail sectors as an innovative company, developing fun and educational games that can be played by anyone.”

Green Board Education’s portfolio is built around the National Curriculum, and the firm is looking for more ways to get its games played both in, and outside of, school.

Bullivant continued: “We already had a number of distributors within the education sector who really liked what we did and wanted to see even more focus on the product range for teachers.

“Our customers are school distributors, however we are always looking for ways to interact with teachers. We have recently hosted the Young Inventor of the Year, and had submissions from school classes.”

And while Green Board Education has been embraced by specialist educational toy shops, the firm hopes that soon all stores will see the benefit of stocking an educational range. “Most shops with the word ‘learning’ in their name buy from us,” added Bullivant. “We are finding more and more toy shops are recognising the importance of education in product design.

“Money is fairly tight and parents are actively looking for products that have long-term, multi-level play with a strong educational basis.

“We hope that all toy stores will recognise the value that stocking an educational range of products will bring to their business.”

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