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Players attempt to fool others with their own 'auto-complete' answers to popular Google searches.

Board game based on Google surpasses Kickstarter goal

Every now and then Google can throw up some nuggets of hilarity. And if you have ever found yourself smirking at some of the auto-completions offered by the search engine, then there is a board game for you.

Query is a board game based on the predictive search function in Google’s search engine, that offers suggestions based on popular questions the world over.

Created by Toronto-based sisters Phoebe Stephens and Nikki Flowerday, Query challenging players to complete ‘searches’ by choosing one of their own crafted answers.

“Query is a party game where players can earn points for identifying the top internet search predicitons and for folling others into choosing their well crafted answers,” explains the Query website.

“It’s great in a family or more adult social setting.”

The board game surpassed its Kickstarter target of $7,500 earlier this month, reaching a total of $12,450, reports BGR.

The game developers have now taken the board game to the next level, and is now scheduled to be available this May.

Check out the Kickstarter video for Query below:

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