Parents can reward or motivate children with a 'happy face' or 'frown patch' to stick on the bear's shirt.

Bear on the Chair takes a seat on Kickstarter

Bear on the Chair, a teddy which reinforces good behaviour in children, has landed on Kickstarter.

The Bear has a velcro patch on its shirt, and parents can motivate children with the reward of a ‘happy face’ to stick on, or encourage improvement by attaching the ‘frown patch’.

‘Once the magic of Christmas is gone, we as parents are left to figure out how to keep kids behaving all year round, not just at Christmas,’ said James Harrison, CFO of Bear on the Chair.

‘Our family always practiced creative behavioral rewards with our daughter. On a January day in 2013, our six year old daughter thought out loud “how fun it would be to have a really cute bear sitting on a chair and be happy when I do good things. Then everyone else would know I have been good by just looking at my bear!”

‘We thought it was a really cute idea. We asked her what she would name this bear and that’s when she said “Bear On The Chair!” We thought it was a pretty catchy name and that is when Bear On The Chair was born.’

Children can choose the name of their bear and register them on before completing a Bear on the Chair adoption certificate.

The prototype design has been created, packaging design and artwork has been finalised, the manufacturer has been chosen and the initial minimum quantity of 2,000 bears have been ordered. 

The Bear in the Chair project needs to raise $10,000 by May 8th, and you can take a look at the campaign here.

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