Toy firm now looking forward to a successful 2014 with new product and new international customers.

Tobar launches new website to aid global expansion

Tobar has revealed its new look website designed to encourage both international and digital customers as the firm plans for global expansion this year.

The new site now allows international customers to place orders, and now lets them place orders in Euros.

The space also offers a platform allowing the company’s customer service team to interact with shoppers while offering a ‘new sleek simplistic interface.’

Users will find new features including recommended products, quick shopping capabilities and the Tobar blog.

Armed with the new digital space, Tobar is now looking forward to a successful 2014.

“2014 is going to be as successful as 2013, if not more,” said Tobar’s Chris Dixon.

“We have a ton of new product being launched in the coming months so it is important that we have a website which is easy for our customers to navigate.

“We have added functionality for our international customers to encourage growth for export. Customers globally can now order in Euros and we will also be launching the Tobar France website soon.

“We encourage customers, current and potential, to have a look at our website and for those that have seen the old one will definitely notice the difference.”

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