Crowdfunding campaign kicks off to develop plush birds that control the Flappy Bird app game.

Could Flappy Bird plush toys be on the way?

Flappy Bird might have flown the coop earlier this year when the game’s creator retired from the world of app-fame, but the game remains, with many still playing it.

And now a crowdfunding campaign is under way to produce a wireless plush toy game controller to interact with the addictive Flappy Bird game.

The project is being independently developed from the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, and features a sensor that connects to tablet and mobile devices, allowing players to navigate past the pipes by moving Flappy up and down.

Creator ZowPow has developed both the toy and a new version of the Flappy Bird app, and is now seeking $25,000 to produce the product, reports Polygon.

“The game that we’ll release will be different enough from Dong’s game, and we’re making our SDK available to other developers who have made clones of Flappy Bird so that their game can work with our toy as well,” ZowPow co-founder Jenn Lu said.

“We are reaching out to Dong and would be happy to collaborate with him if he chooses to.”

Check out Flappy in action below:

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