The firm received 515 per cent backing on Kickstarter for its line of Mo-To cars.

CandyLab Toys eyes global expansion with Sixties-inspired wooden cars

CandyLab Toys, a US Kickstarter-funded toy firm, is looking for international distributors for its line of Sixties-inspired wooden toy cars, Mo-To.

The firm triumphed on the crowd-funding site last year, achieving 515 per cent of its target backing, and has already been met with ‘tremendous global response’ that includes interest across Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Having recently returned from exhibiting at the New York Toy Fair, the firm is now focusing its efforts on increasing its retail presence across the US and build a network of distributors.

Vlad Dragusin of CandyLabs, told ToyNews: "Reaching 515 per cent of our Kickstarter backing meant that we made that jump from idea to putting our concepts in to practice.

"It really is exhilarating and we hope the range will translate well to the international market. The response has been tremendous so far, from Australia to Europe and the Middle East."

Mo-To is a range of individually hand crafted wooden cars inspired by the American classics of the 1960s and the spirit of the era.

"The sleek design of the products comes mostly from the desire to distill a certain spirit, and focus on the proportions of that Sixties era," continued Dragusin.

"An American classic from that period has an instantly recognisable presence and silhouette. we wanted to capture that vibe."

And it seems that nostalgia is the driving force behind the firm’s ethos as the company endeavours to reinforce the relevance of the wooden toy in today’s increasingly technology driven market.

"We believe wooden, handcrafted toys definitely have staying power, and with the relentless focus on plastic and virtual of the last few years, we think they are more important than ever.

"We want to push beyond nostalgic old school toys for young children and open this up slightly to older children, or it seems – adults – with attractive, contemporarily minimalistic designs."

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