Lammily doll surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $95,000 in one day.

‘Average is beautiful’ doll to hit shelves soon

A ‘realistic’ doll depicting the dimensions of an average woman has raised enough money through Kickstarter to hit retail.

Nickolay Lamm’s Lammily doll launched on the crowdfunding site on March 5th with the target of $95,000.

The doll had already made over $106,000 by the following day.

With the tagline “average is beautiful” the doll is based on the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s measurements for an average 19 year old and stands at 10.72 inches tall.

Lammily doll is pictured in a variety of promotional shots in ‘toned-down outfits such as denim shorts and an ombre shirt.’

Lamm created the doll with the hope that it will promote realistic beauty standards within today’s society.

However, he has said he would not be creating a plus-sized version of the doll.

“I want Lammily to be about promoting a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “I am all about diversity and loving yourself, but we do have an obesity epidemic. There are healthy plus sized women out there, but as a whole I don’t want dolls that make kids think that being obese is OK.”

Lamm has been consulting with former vice president of manufacturing at Mattel, Robert Rambeau who has offered the young artist experience and expertise in selecting a qualified manufacturer to take the doll to the next stage.

Check out the Kickstarter video for Lammily below:

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