Asks children's publishers to drop gender labelling.

Let Toys Be Toys launches Let Books Be Books campaign

The Let Toys Be Toys group is launching a new petition for World Book Day, asking children’s publishers to drop gender labelling.

The new campaign, titled Let Books Be Books, sees Let Toys Be Toys work with Inclusive Minds, Letterbox Library and For Books’ Sake to ask publishers to stop labelling activity books or story collections as either for boys or girls.

"Every child is different and has their own individual taste; it makes no sense to push boys and girls towards separate books," said Tessa Trabue from Let Toys Be Toys.

"We believe that books are for everyone; children should have the freedom to read about or colour in robots, fairies, pirates or flowers, without publishers telling them otherwise."

The group is encouraging supporters to sign the Let Books Be Books petition, which includes the following letter:

To Usborne, Buster, Igloo & other children’s publishers

Please stop labelling books, in the title or on the packaging, as for girls or for boys.

Children’s publishing should always aim to open up new worlds for children. But telling children which stories and activities are ‘for them’ based on their gender closes down whole worlds of interest.

We are asking you to stop labelling books this way and let children decide for themselves what kinds of stories and activity books they find interesting.


Let Books Be Books.

To find out more on the campaign, click here.

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