Indie reports uplift in dress up and accessories sales through the annual event.

Cambridge Toy Shop celebrates World Book Day 2014

If you have spotted a gaggle of Harry Potters at the local toy shop or a group of Peter Pans skipping through the town centre, there’s no need to panic, it’s simply World Book Day.

It’s a day in which kids across the globe celebrate their favourite reads with book tokens and story telling events.

And with an emphasis on fancy dress and book character dress up, it’s a day that toy retailers such as the Cambridge Toy Shop can enjoy too.

“World Book Day is very big in Cambridge, and reaction is very positive,” The Cambridge Toy Shop owner, Vivienne Watson told ToyNews.

“In fact, we have started to advertise our own World Book Day special offers and discounts with the local schools because last year the popularity of the event took us by surprise.”

Celebrating the day with window displays, posters, special offers and discounts on World Book day related items, the retailer reports that celebrating the event is a ‘great way of driving footfall and lifting sales.’

“We have definitely gone a bit bigger with the even this year,” continued Watson.

“And we definitely see an uplift in sales through the event. We really have stocked up on dressing up and the sales have gone up.

“What we have found is that people have come in asking for lots of accessories. We like to encourage children to come in to the store and think about how to make a character themselves, instead of just giving it to them on plate.

“Of course, we have increased our dressing up lines, just in case people want to get something at the last minute.”

While the store hasn’t gone to the same lengths that others may have with in-store storytelling events, The Cambridge Toy Shop insists that it will be looking to increase its celebrations further next year.

“We haven’t held any in-store storytelling events yet, but we might look to in the future. Next year we are looking to do even more with the event. We do have a big Scandinavian lifestyle shop opposite us and we are thinking of linking up with them for events like this in the fuure.”

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