Predator, Terminator, The Goonies, Pulp Fiction and more on the way.

ReAction Figures gets nostalgic with Eighties-inspired Back to the Future action figures

Calling all Eighties fans.

If you’re nostalgic for the era when action figures boasted four point articulation and and a vague at best likeness to whoever they were meant to be, behold a return to the good ol’ days.

ReAction Figures is polishing those rose tinted glasses will a collection of ‘classically Eighties’ inspired toys that never received the action figure treatment the first time around.

Featuring lines from Back to the Future, The Goonies, Pulp Fiction, Firefly, The Terminator, Friday the 13th and Predator, the range boasts simplicity like no other.

The products still await licensor approval, but are slated to hit shelves across the US from June this year, retailing at $10 a pop, reports

So, if the world of 3D scanning and multiple points of articulation all seems to be moving along too fast, check out the collection at Entertainment Earth for a heavy dose of retrospect.

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