Formed part of the channel's coverage of the New York Toy Fair.

Wow! Stuff’s Real FX Racing speeds onto Fox News

Wow! Stuff’s Real FX Racing graced Fox News in the US on Sunday, as part of the channel’s coverage of the New York Toy Fair.

The segment, broadcast Sunday morning featured five products representing the best new launches from the New York Toy Fair, and Real FX Racing made the list.

Real FX Racing took seven years to develop and features R/C cars that can detect the track and steer by themselves. They can also be used in the traditional way, letting kids race each other, as well as ‘computer-controlled’ rivals.

The toy can record lap times and boasts different difficulty/handling settings, like a video game.

The race track features track hazards to avoid, like tire blowouts or oil spills, and racers must learn to comply with pit-stop call-ins.

Players will can communicate with each other via their headphone and mic and with the launch of licensed brand packs, Wow! Stuff sees new body shells, memory cards and new tracks as the equivalent of video game cartridges.

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