ToyNews is awash with warm, fuzzy feelings of lurve as we list the top toys to melt your partner's heart.

Top ten toys to show your partner you care this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: A corporate scam to sell shedloads of cards, chocolates and flowers or yet another opportunity to show that special person just how much you care?

Well, whichever side of that fence you lie, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best toys you can give your other half to show them you’re their biggest fan.

Although, if any of these don’t go down well today, please bear in mind that we can’t be held responsible.

1. Me to You Bear

It’s a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Right up there with wine, chocolates and those massive cards. Ticks the cute box and spreads a message of love as heartfelt as they come. Only worry is, your other half could end up loving the bear more than you.

2. Shit Bitch Bear

Available exclusively at Firebox, this bear is a different beast altogether. Pros: honesty, cheekiness, a perfect antidote to the saccharine nature of Valentine’s Day. Perfect for partners who poo-poo the schmaltzy-ness of the occassion. Cons: Strong language, not everyone will enjoy being called a bitch.

3. Twister

Alright, on the face of it, this isn’t the most romantic of gifts. But, Twister has the potential to be a flirty, fun, tactile night in. But, worth bearing in mind this is a little bit like russian roulette. While a ‘left hand, red’ might leave you nose-to-nose with your loved one, one cruel spin of the wheel and you could end up spending Valentine’s Night knee-deep in armpit.

4. Nookii

For those who don’t like the subtlety of Twister, Nookii looks right up your street. The game includes a cherry flavoured lipstick, an invisible ink pen and a blindfold. Need we say more.

5. 50 Shades of Grey Party Game

Sticking with the blindfold theme, fans of the hit book trilogy can spice things up with this official 50 Shades of Grey game. Be warned, the game doesn’t actually include any whipping. Instead, it plays as a rude version of Mr & Mrs.

6. Mr & Mrs

Speaking of which, there is of course Mr & Mrs. A nice way to roll back the years and dust off relationship memories, but also a cunning way of finding out well your partner knows you. So come prepared. One bad round and you could end spending the most romantic night of the year on the sofa.


After a romantic trip to the cinema to see The LEGO Movie, why not spend some quality time building a love-inspired creation. A LEGO love shack? A LEGO holiday resort? A LEGO Star Wars Death Star?

8. Balloons

After the spice of 50 Shades and Nooki, let’s get back to some good old fashioned romance. A bunch of heart shaped balloons. Swooning guaranteed.

9. Robot Girlfriend

Do Robots Have Souls? from Digital Global Mail Limited on Vimeo.

If today if just another reminder that you’re still single, then fear not, Japan can help. Take a look at the video above to meet Geminoid-F.

10. Grow Your Own Mr Grey

Exactly what it says on the tin really. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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