Dolls were sent in act of solidarity for Russia's gay and lesbian communities.

Russian Dolls styled on British gay icons sent to Russia to support LGBT community

A collection of Russian Dolls depicting five of Britain’s most celebrated gay icons have been sent to the Russian Embassy in London and the Kremlin.

In support of international LGBT rights, the dolls were sent as an act of solidarity for Russia’s gay and lesbian community that has faced increasingly harsh treatment at the hands of the country’s authorities.

The Russian Dolls were styled as well known gay icons Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton and Tom Daley.

Produced by Mother London, the limited edition collection was also auctioned online in order to raise money for The Kaleidoscope Trust, a charity working to uphold LGBT rights internationally.

Reporting on the movement, The Drum spoke to Stephen Fry who was ‘delighted with his inclusion in the campaign.’

Fry said: "There is something sick and wrong with people who are obsessed with trying to suppress the rights, freedom and happiness of LGBT people.

“Any savage recordable injustice should be sent around the world, for the world to see. It should become the question that Putin is so annoyed with, and bored by this being the issue, that he lets up on it.

"Meanwhile I can do nothing but admire the courage of all of you who are able to gather and stand up for who you are.”

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