Lydia wears a yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era.

A Girl For All Time welcomes new Georgian Girl

The A Girl for All Time collection is welcoming a new doll in the form of Lydia, Your Georgian Girl.

Created by British boutique toy company Daughters of History Ltd., Lydia is the latest in the range of age-appropriate, educational companion dolls.

Lydia wears a yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era.

A book accompanying the doll reveals that Lydia must leave England to start a new life with her family in the American colonies.

Additional historically-inspired costumes are also available for Lydia, including a blue party dress and riding outfit.

“While we don’t agree with pink/blue packaging or gender-segregated shopping aisles on the High Street, we do think it’s perfectly acceptable and, indeed, essential for children to play with toys designed to celebrate their gender," said Daughters of History’s founder, Frances Cain.

"We feel there’s a lack of toys representing both femininity and intelligence: our dolls show that the two are not mutually exclusive.

“We’ve created the A Girl for All Time range to provide girls with a sophisticated, intellectually stimulating play companion who will take them on authentic adventures through British history, opening their minds and showing them how girls’ lives differed in eras gone by.

"A Girl for All Time also counters the age-compression trend, where younger girls increasingly reach for older toys – we’re embracing childhood imagination in traditional play by creating a toy that allows girls to understand and compare their own experience of childhood in a new and enriching way."

The addition of Lydia means there are now four dolls in the range: Matilda: Your Tudor Girl, Amelia: Your Victorian Girl, Clementine: Your 1940s Girl and Lydia: Your Georgian Girl.

The dolls are priced from £89.99. More outfits and accessories are available priced from £9.99 to £39.99.

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