Infographic depicts the firm's rebound since the turn of millenium to become world's second largest toymaker

Enthusiast charts LEGO licensing success with infographic

A LEGO enthusiast and current affairs reporter has created a graph depicting how much LEGO has rebounded from a sales slump at the turn of the century.

And yes, the graph is demonstrated in LEGO.

Working with Wired, Todd Tankersley’s infographic charts LEGO’s success over the years, from the firm’s revenue collapse in 2002 from nearly $2 billion to under $1.5 billion by 2004.

Today, the construction toy company is reportedly the second most profitable toymaker in the world, with revenues teetering at $4.5 billion.

The graph shows that the key force behind the firm’s resurgence appears to be one thing, licensing deals.

The graph doesn’t however, calculate the firm’s revenue following the release of The LEGO Movie debuted with $69 million at the US box office.

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