The new product is the latest addition to the Emergency Bikers Range

Kids@play launches the Paramedic bike

Children’s ride-ons firm, Kids@play has launched a new model with in its Emergency Bikers Range.

The Paramedic bike with accessories is a six volt powered bike with a working headlight, flashing blue lights and a working siren.

Among the accessories including is a stethoscope that fits into the rear medic box attached to the back of the bike, encouraging role play among kids.

Further features include a foot accelerator, a six volt battery that guarantees a least 300 re-charges, a re-charge visor and a tinted front visor.

"Kids@play Emergency Bikers range has been a phenomenal success," said Kids@play’s founder, Malcolm Evans. "The Police bike and the AA bike have been sold in the UK for over six years.

"Children see quite a lot of hospital and animal care type programmes on TV. Kids really like to get involved in role play situations, and playing Doctors and Nurses is something all kids enjoy.

"With the Paramedic Bike, they can rush to any pretend emergency, get involved with role play and group play and have loads of fun with the siren and lights."

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