The project took Mark Kelso four years to complete, a mision he calls his 'personal There and Back Again'

LEGO fan completes 7ft Halo Universe Spaceship

A tenacious LEGO builder has unveiled his greatest labour of love, a seven foot Halo Universe Ship that took him four years to build.

The final brick was locked in place on January 27th, 2014, marking an accomplishment that Mark Kelso will ‘never be able to put into words.’

While an exact count of the number of LEGO bricks used is unconfirmed, a seemingly upbeat Kelso reveals that ‘it is definitely more than six.’

Nicknamed LEGO SHIP (an acronym for Significantly Huge Investment in Parts) the build measures 297 studs in length, the equivalent of seven feet.

Kelso said: "I thought the task sounded easy, after all other builders had cranked out towering monuments and I have managed other large creation in the past.

"Four years later, I finally came to the end of one of the most challenging endeavours of my life. This was an accomplishment that I’ll never be able to put in words.

"For me it was about having the tenacity to keep getting back up, no matter how many times life knocked me down, to see this bloody project through to its completion.

"This really was my own personal ‘There and Back Again.’"

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