Line created by award winning toy specialist with the philosophy that play is essential to a child's sensory, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

NUREMBERG 2014: Papillon debuts nature inspired and child-powered toys

Papillon Toys is making its own stand against the technology driven toys of today with a new line of toys ‘inspired by nature and entirely child-powered.’

The firm is debuting its new range at the Nuremberg toy Fair this year.

The Papillon line has been created by award winning toy specialist, Sytephen Reardon, with the philosophy that play is essential to a child’s sensory, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

The range hopes to provide an alternative to the ‘technology laden’ toys of today.

"The advent of technology-based toys in recent years has no doubt been incredible, but perhaps the pendulum has swung too far, now virtually every toy uses technology to create engagement with children," suggested Andy Freiss, senior vice president of marketing for Toy State, the parent company of Papillon Toys.

“Papillon was created because we believe there is still an important role in child development for achieving milestones directly, without that invisible technology in between."

Reardon, vice president of product development for Papillon Toys, added: "Papillon is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

"Papillon toys are meant to grow with children and are built to last. We value the practice of passing toys down from generation to generation, and we designed Papillon with this in mind.

"We want multiple generations to experience that amazing ‘a-ha’ moment that Papillon toys provide – the look on a child’s face when they figure something out for the first time, and mom and dad’s joy upon seeing their baby achieve those milestones.”

The new Papillon line includes: the Flower Teething Rattle and Forest Teething Rattle; Stack and Nest Flowers; Pop-Up Forest Friends; Nature Links; Nature Links Rattle; Push and Spin Forest Carousel; Forest Friends Musical Activity Toy; Easy Grasp Flutter Ball; Activity Shape Sorter a collection of Stroller Toys, and more.

Papillon will be available at speciality european retailer this autumn.

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