New launches include the Brio Horse, a toy inspired by the Osby Horse,the firm's first toy ever sold.

NUREMBERG 2014: Brio celebrates 130th birthday with new spring portfolio

Brio is celebrating its milestone 130th birthday with a revamped portfolio of products including musical instruments, safari railways and a wooden horse inspired by the firm’s first ever product.

This spring the wooden toy company is introducing three new musical instruments for kids aged nine to 18 months, including a drum, a xylophone and musical shakers.

Each of the instruments has been specifically tailored for its target age group.

"We wanted to create beautiful instruments that children can grow and learn from," said Michael Heun, head of product development at Brio.

"Even the shakers are designed to have a higher and lower pitch sound. There is an element of magic in feeling and hearing the combination of the wood and plastic. There is a substance, it’s not just light or dark, soft or hard."

This spring will also see Brio revisiting one of its most popular themes as the Railway is updated with a new Safari theme, featuring giraffes, zebras and lions.

Heun continued: "It’s a new world full of surprises and opportunities for exploration. For example there’s a monkey in a tree when you drive the train past it steals the food from the train."

Furthemore, a new Builder box will offer children ‘infinite new construction possibilities’ with pieces that can be combined in ‘endless variations.’

Finally, spring will see the launch of the Brio Horse. Inspired by the Osby Horse, the first toy ever sold by Brio, it has been produced to commemorate the firm’s 130th birthday.

All of Brio’s wooden toys are made rom FSC certified wood, a non profit organisation that safeguards, monitors and encourages sustainable forest management. 

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