3D printed action figure of Keanu Reeves looking glum is the latest venture for the Sad Keanu meme

‘Sad Keanu’ meme turned into action figure

An internet meme dubbed ‘Sad Keanu’ has been immortalised in action figure form allowing fans to place a glum looking Keanu Reeves in a bizarre scene of their own.

The photoshop meme became a global internet sensation in 2010, as fans riffed off the paparazzi photo of Reeves sat alone with a sandwich staring vacantly ahead of him, photoshopping the actor into various scenarios.

New York based designer, Nancy Liang has produced the action figure in conjunction with Japanese toy sellers Idk with the use of 3D printers, reports The Guardian.

Reeves’ latest film, 47 Ronin, has been forecast as one of 2013’s biggest box office bombs – so it is little wonder why the Matrix star is looking a little downcast.

Shapeways currently has the Keanu figure on sale for around £30 with a smaller version priced at £25.

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