Franklin Wright's Conveyor Belt to be made by University Games

Board game created by eight year old to be sold across the US

Conveyor Belt, a board game created by eight year old Franklin Wright, is to be distributed and sold in toy stores across the US later this year.

Wright won the 2013 National Young Game Inventors Contest, a competition challenging kids aged five to 12 to invent, design and submit their own board game.

Franklin beat more than 180 other game submissions to win, and University Games, sponsor of the contest, will produce Coveyor Belt.

Judging criteria included factors such as “Is this game fun?” “Is it challenging?” and “Is it something that families would enjoy?”

Franklin is also interested in creating video games and apps, and he will soon be the first eight year old to be a guest lecturer for video game company GearBox’s programming workshop.

As well as getting his game onto shelves, Franklin also won a $10,000 college savings bond, a $200 Toys R Us gift card and a trip to University Games’ San Francisco office.

Check out a US news piece on Franklin’s acheivement below:

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