This year sees the 21st official Premier League collection and first ever Scottish Professional Football League.

Topps launches two new football sticker collections for 2014

Topps is encouraging football fans across the UK to ‘get stuck in’ with collectables with the launch of two new football inspired collectable sticker ranges.

The new collections include the 2014 Premier League Sticker line, and for the first time ever, the Scottish Professional Football League range.

The 21st official Premier League Sticker Album has already hit shelves, featuring updated player stats, team information and the stars of the Barclays Premier League in 2014.

The latest sticker edition also features new Pro 11 format, enabling collectors to build a digital team of players and earn points based on their performances in live matches.

Fans will also have the chance to win prizes and unlock exclusive Digital Gold Limited Edition Stickers.

With 80 Pro 11 stickers in the new series, Topps is encouraging fans to create their digital teams online at where hey can feature their collected players in a team alongside 20 additional virtual players they can choose from.

Rod Pearson, marketing director at Topps, said: "The all-new Pro 11 concept will offer fans a new and interesting way to build their collection and interact with the stickers online as well as offline.

"Each week, collectors can select their team and earn points when the players take to the pitch in real life. Plus, they can also pit their team against other digital collectors and get all the latest live stats to their feed.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish Professional Football League Official Sticker Collection is available to retailers in Scotland, featuring all 42 clubs from each of its four leagues.

Pearson added: "This inaugural official collection celebrates the new SPFL formation and marks an historic moment, being the first and only sticker collectible to feature players from all four leagues.

"It’s packed with star players from everyone’s favourite clubs and offers fans a brand new, fun-filled and exciting way to support their team.”

The new collection is completed with a 48 page album, featuring player stats and team information.

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