Cinelinx sees players find links between actors, directors, movies, scenes, quotes or genres

Card game for film buffs lands on Kickstarter

Cinelinx, a card game for ‘movie people’, has taken to Kickstarter in the hope of going into production.

The game sees played take turns laying down cards featuring actors, directors, movie titles, scenes, quotes or genres, before stating the connection between them.

If a player can’t find a connection, they pick up another card, and the person to shed all of their cards first, wins.

Cinelinx has been created by the team behind the Cinelinx website and they hope to raise $12,000 by February 16th.

"We’ve been running a movie website for a few years now but we knew upfront that we didn’t want the game to be restricted to people who watch as many movies as we do," read a statement on the campaign page.

"The Cinelinx game is designed to be accessible to all kinds of players. It’s something you can quickly pick up and play with your friends, but if you’re a movie buff you’ll have an opportunity to prove how deep your film knowledge goes! For more seasoned card game players, there are options available to dive in deeper with more layers of strategy possible.

"Putting this game into production is going to be expensive, we need to raise $12,000. If you’re wondering where we came up with the $12,000 figure take a close look at the chart above. Around 35 per cent of the money we raise will go to fees and shipping the game to you, the rest will go towards a small print run, and freight charges."

A $20 donation will get backers a copy of the game, while $30 gets you the game and the Red Band expansion. A $35 donation gets you the game as well as the poster set.

Check out the Cinelinx Kickstarter page here, or take a look at the campaign video below:

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