Range of sculptures from Jason Freeny explores the bones, muscle and flesh inside the likes of Barbie, Care Bears and LEGO Minifigures

Artist reveals inner anatomy of iconic toys

While many believe the entrails of most toys features cotton, plastic and or small Russian dolls, artist Jason Freeny has other ideas.

Freeny has created a range of sculptures of iconic toys demonstrating what they would look like with muscle, bones, guts and tissue.

"Usually I just let the shape of the toy dictate it’s inner anatomy shape," Freeny told io9.

"Sometimes I will research the specific animal it is based on, although mostly it is a morphed human anatomy seeing as most characters stand upright."

LEGO, My Little Pony, a Care Bear and Barbie have all been on Freeny’s operating table.

Take a look at some below, or check out Freeny’s entire portfolio here.

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