The cars have never been assembled and have remained in the original packaging for more than 80 years

1930s Meccano car kits expected to sell for £15,000

A set of two Meccano toy car kits from 1930 are expected to sell for between £10,000 and £15,000 when the lot is auctioned later this month, reports The Daily Mail.

The cars, that have never been assembled, have remained in the original packaging for more than 80 years.

The red kit includes original instructions and is stored, along with a silver kit, in a wooden case.

The kits go on sale as a bundle during Bonhams’ two-day ‘Gentleman’s Library sale taking place between January 28th to 29th in Knightsbridge.

‘The inter-war years saw Meccano produce some of the finest quality mass-produced metal toys ever made in the UK,’ read a statement from Bonhams.

‘After 1920, its range expanded, with the successful Aeroplane and Motor Car Constructor sets appearing on the market in consecutive years.

‘The motor car models consist of custom parts that allow a range of car variations, and are driven by powerful Clockwork Motors, fueling long, speedy runs on just one winding.’

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