20th Century Fox wants to make a movie franchise as big as Harry Potter

Magic: The Gathering film in the works

20th Century Fox is set to bring Hasbo’s Magic: The Gathering card game to the big screen, states The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio has acquired the screen rights to the fantasy game and aims to create a film franchise as big as the Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings series.

Writer-producer Simon Kinberg, who is also helming the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies for Fox, will produce the film and also perform the role of franchise engineer, a position that will see Kinberg develop the film series in collaboration with Hasbro executives.

Kira Goldberg and Ryan Jones will also be involved for Fox, while Daniel Persitz will oversee for Hasbro. 

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis and Wizards of the Coast president Greg Leeds will be on production duties. 

The role play game from Wizards of the Coast arrived in 1993 and sees players battle wizards and creatures with spells.

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