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SpaceKubb challenges teams to capture their opponents' houses with UFOs and Fireballs

SpaceKubb to make Scandinavian debut

Wonderful Times Toys and Games is preparing for the Swedish and Scandinavian release of the sic-fi inspired game, SpaceKubb.

The brain child of toy inventor Joni Cizmic, SpaceKubb is an extended version of the original Kubb, but instead of players throwing sticks, players are challenged to throw UFOs to knock down their opponents houses.

Played on a pitch measuring five metres by eight metres, the idea of the game is to become the first to knock over their opponents small houses and then knock over the central big house.

If a team accidentally knocks over the large house before all their opponents’ small houses are captured, the offending team loses.

While team A throws UFOs to knock over the opponents’ houses, team B will defend with an arsenal of fireballs.

SpaceKubb – designed for up to five players – features one big house, 10 small houses, five UFOs and five fireballs.

The game will launch across Sweden and Scandinavia in spring this year.

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