New lines from Parrot include the self launching Jumping Sumo and MiniDrone while the show lifts the lid on electric skateboards and the new Onewheel

Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show unveils the tech toys of the future

Las Vegas’ annual Consumer Electronics Show has offered much to get excited about, not least a glimpse at some of the hi-tech toys to be hitting the market in the near future.

Parrot unveiled its latest in app driven toys this week, lifting the blanket off of its new Jumping Sumo – a self launching two wheeled ‘robot insect’ – and its new MiniDrone, a pint sized version of the AR Drone 2.0.

However, Parrot is not the only firm to be intriguing the toy market with high-tech gadgetry as the show witnessed the launch of the electric powered skateboard. One step close to making the world of Back to the Future a reality.

The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser electric skateboard features and electric motor, allowing riders to cruise the pavement with the touch of a button. The board can even manage hills and travel 18 miles on a single charge, reports the Guardian.

Joining the wheeled innovation category, the Onewheel was also revealed. The Onewheel self-balances a wooden board around its rubber tyre, using gyroscopes and accelerometers to produce a smooth ride.

The Onewheel can run for around 20 minutes on one charge and is currently being offered on Kickstarter for a minimum pledge of $1,200.

The Orbiotix Sphero has received an upgrade. The latest reincarnation – the Orbotix Sphero 2.0 is a Bluetooth connected smartphone-contolled rolling ball, and is now faster than before with a new rubber tread for increased grip.

The Sphero’s younger brother, the Orbotix 2b is a two wheeled vehicle, that when controlled by a smartphone can zip across the flop or at up to five metres per second.

The Orbotix 2b is expected to be available by Christmas 2014 for under $100.

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