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The Witcher Adventure Game will challenge players to hunt monsters, earn gold and forge alliances

The Witcher video game series to make board game debut

Popular fantasy video game series The Witcher is making the move to a physical world with its own board game later this year.

Entitled The Witcher Adventure Game, the project is the product of a partnership between CD Projekt Red and boar game developer Fantasy Flight Games.

The Witcher Adventure Game allows players to take the roles of four charters: Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion the bard, a sorceress named Triss Merigold and dwarf warrior Yarpen Zigrin, reports Eurogamer.net.

The game will encourage players to hunt monsters, earn gold, go on missions and forge alliances with other players.

Fantasty Flight Games’ senior VP of communication and digital business, Steve Horvath, said: "The story and the setting of The Witcher really lends itself to an adventure board game.

"We’re looking forward top players being able to craft their own narrative during the course of the game."

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