Company sees growth for the second consecutive year.

Giromax celebrates 15 per cent growth in 2013

Giromax is celebrating a successful 2013 – closing the year with growth of 15 per cent.

Throughout the year, the firm consolidated the acquisition stage benefits, international positioning and opening in new markets. The expansion was further helped by similar growth achieved in 2012.

A major part of the 2013 success was down to the acquisition of the Angry Birds licence, launching stickers, trading cards and tags in 70 countries.

2014 will see Giromax further expanding into territories such as Russia, South America and the US with its own product, The Clay Buddies. This is a new concept which allows the youngest members of the family to create their favourite characters in clay and cardboard.

Alongside this will be the launch of Angry Birds Go, The Trash Pack trading cards, Shaun the Sheep and Talking Friends among others, which Giromax believes will increase its position in the collectable sector.

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