Originally offered only to the 'top 500 Louis Vuitton VIPs worldwide' and 'only 500 were produced in total.'

Louis Vuitton teddy bear goes on sale for $9,000

Stuck for what to buy your kid this Christmas and have $9,000 to spare? Then look no further than this Louis Vuitton teddy bear.

Named DouDou, this pricey plush is a limited edition piece which was originally ‘offered only to the top 500 Louis Vuitton VIPs worldwide of which only 500 were produced in total.’

The Brown and Beige Monogram Bear is the only teddy bear made by Louis Vuitton in 150 years and first seen during the 2004-05 Fall/Winter mens runway collection.

The arms and legs on the teddy bear are movable and it stands 14 inches when sitting and 18 inches when standing.

DouDou is available only from Toy Tokyo.com, so if you have more money than sense, click here to take a look.

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