Firm to push Wicked Boomer, Boomering and Wicked Skyrider ranges next year

Wicked Vision returns to boomerangs

In 2014, Wicked Vision is putting a focus back onto the product which the company built itself on 14 years ago: the boomerang.

The firm is heading back to its roots after realising the enduring popularity of the product.

“I started the business 14 years ago by importing boomerangs from Australia and selling to toy shops and kite stores,” said Wicked Vision managing director David Strang. “Fast forward 14 years and the boomerangs are still our number one seller.

The firm has two ranges: the Wicked Boomer series of four different boomerangs made from different materials with varying travel distances; and the Boomering, a model easier to catch thanks to a hole in the middle.

Strang believes the boomerang range is a great means of getting Wicked Vision into both toy shops and sports stores.

2014 will see the firm build upon its current line, as well as maintaining expansion plans which has so far seen the ranges grace stores in regions as far afield as the Middle East.

Strang said: “We’ve now launched the Skyrider range, Wicked Boomer and Boomering internationally and we’re appointing more distributors. Middle East is up and running, Australia has just come on board and we’ve got
many others across Europe and South Africa signing up at the moment. We hope to have six more international regions signed up by the Hong Kong Toy Fair.

The firm also embraced TV this year, and it’s a factor, along with demonstrations, which Strang attributes to another good year.

The push will continue into 2014, when the first TV ads for the Wicked Boomer range are expected to air.

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