Owner Vivienne Watson tells ToyNews of till release handle and burglar techniques to watch out for

Cambridge indie warns of robbery risks

Cambridge Toy Shop owner Vivienne Watson has told ToyNews about the risks indie retailers should be aware of to avoid theft.

Watson’s store was recently targeted by two men, one who lured the assistant to a corner of the shop while another broke into the till taking £400.

Watson believes that toy shops should check their till system to ensure life is made more difficult for prospective thieves.

“We’d just bought a new till system that is supposed to be totally secured,” Watson told ToyNews.

“Everyone has to log in to use it and it locks itself as you walk away. What they didn’t tell us was that there is a quick release handle underneath the till drawer. Evidently that’s common knowledge with burglars, so we’ve now put a plate over ours.

The store has also implemented other measures to ensure the shop is safer in the future.

“As soon as staff have got twenties and tens in the till, we put them in the under drawer of the till so even if someone opened it, they’d have to pull the whole thing out to get to the notes,” added Watson.

“We also made the staff more aware that they can’t be distracted by a customer for too long and they must always stay in sight of the till.

“We should also watch out for people working in pairs. One was distracting staff while the other was at the till, and they also pretended they were staff so they asked a customer if they needed help when one saw him by the till. They also asked for change so they could see how we open the till without making a sale.”

Watson is optimistic that the thieves will be caught.

“The police seem to think they will catch them because they committed two similar burglaries in St. Ives on the same day. Quite a few people have recognised them as well.”

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