Mums and dads to spend an average of £170 per child, according to ToyNews focus group

Parents choosing online this Christmas

63 per cent of parents are planning to buy their toys online this Christmas, according to a survey carried out by ToyNews.

We found that parents look set to spend more on toys this Christmas than last year, with an average spend of £170 per child.

This is up on last year’s average of £148, but it’s worth noting that this survey featured fewer parents and the higher average has been pushed by older children desiring tablets and electronic toys.

“The children are older now so are wanting more electronic products than traditional toys really,” The Kathryn Wheel’s Kate Crane told ToyNews.

Susan K Mann added: “Christmas is more expensive this year as electronic toys are expensive, although there are some good deals if you shop around.”

As this year’s higher average suggests, 57 per cent of parents told ToyNews they are spending more on toys this year than last year.

Laura Robinson said: “It’s more this year because we have a little more money to spend, and the boys are older and more aware of what they want.”

31 per cent will be spending the same as last Christmas, while only ten per cent will be spending less.

“I spent more last year and I went overboard, and he didn’t really know what to play with as he was completely overwhelmed,” said Netmums user Jenny W.

Online was voted the main way parents are buying toys this Christmas, with many listing ease, price and avoiding the retail rush as key reasons as to why they have turned away from the High Street.

“I have done all my toy shopping online,” said Mumsnet user Misfitless.

“I know I should be boycotting Amazon but it’s so much cheaper.

ToyNews spoke to more than 20 parents from Mumsnet, Dadsnet, Net Mums and Facebook.

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