Ostrich Pillow has seen TV success on shows including Stephen Fry: Gadget Man and The Jonathon Ross Show

Hopes high for new Ostrich Pillow Junior

Kawamura-Ganjavian, designer of Studio Banana’s Kickstarter success story Ostrich Pillow, is confident that its version aimed at children will be a success.

The Ostrich Pillow is a piece of headgear designed to help people nap anywhere. During its Kickstarter stage, it was covered expansively by news channels and programmes including Stephen Fry: Gadget Man and The Jonathon Ross Show.

And Kawamura-Ganjavian believes the child-friendly Ostrich Pillow Junior will enjoy the same success.

“This is the must-have item for Christmas,” a spokesperson from Kawamura-Ganjavian told ToyNews.

“Kids nowadays spend a lot of time in transit and sleeping whilst on the go in comfort means happy, smiley, healthy kids.”

The company decided to release a range just for kids after it saw children embracing the adult size.

“We have reduced the size of the shape of the Ostrich Pillow Junior and made the mouth and nose opening a lot larger so these areas are not covered for safety reasons.

“Also we have selected two gorgeous soft fabrics to choose from: Dreamy Waves (blue) and Berry Snooze (pink).”

Studio Banana is currently in discussions with various retailers.

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