Life Skills, Retro, Mini Toys and Tech Toys will appear in the new dedicated area in Hall 3A

Trends appearing at Nuremberg’s first TrendGallery revealed

At Nuremberg 2014, a new TrendGallery will be debuting upcoming trends and product novelties in a dedicated area in Hall 3A.

Product displays will be given a platform next to presentations and guided tours at the 1,000m²-large TrendGallery.

From Wednesday 29th January to Sunday, February 2nd, trend experts Reyne Rice and Dr. Maria Costa will detail the individual trend segments and introduce new products with exhibitors also presenting campaigns.

An international TrendCommittee was set up to report on the latest trends from the industry and the TrendGallery has detailed the four trends already spotted.

The trends to grace the new Trend Gallery at Nuremberg next year are:

Fit4Life: Toys that Promote Life Skills
Parents are increasingly focused on the learning effect during play. They wish to promote what are known as life skills. Through practical methods such as gardening, sewing, handicrafts, cooking and pretending to be doctors, these toys impart important skills and prepare children for life.

Retromania: Retro Toys and Retro Licences
Toys and heroes that grown-ups know from their own childhood are experiencing a revival. Parents are eager to share these pleasant experiences with their children by purchasing the very same toy for them with which they associate positive childhood memories. The new retro toys are often equipped with plenty of smart features.

Mini is King: Mini Toy Versions
With increasing urbanisation, our living space is becoming smaller while our mobility is growing. This development also presents particular challenges in respect of products, and games in particular. More often than not, they have to be scaled down to accommodate a growing demand for mobility and transportability.

TechToys: Technology Teams up with Tradition
The boundary between the real and virtual worlds is becoming ever more blurred, opening up completely new possibilities for the toy industry. Traditional games and digital domains are producing exciting game combinations which appeal to the young and old.

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