Watch video below of entrepreneur Sarah Willingham talking to Wigwam Toys about marketing and attracting new customers

American Express reveals top tips on making the most of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, a nationwide initiative to get people supporting their local High Street, is making its UK debut on Saturday December 7th, and American Express has some tips for retailers to make the most of the day.

American Express founded Small Business Saturday in the US back in 2010 and the firm has partnered with entrepreneur Sarah Willingham to create a short film to help small businesses capitalise on Small Business Saturday.

Take a look at Amercian Express’ top 20 tips for capitalising on Small Business Saturday, as well as the video of Willingham talking to toy indie WigWam Toys, below:


  • Think hard about your window display – make sure that customers can actually see into the store
  • Remember that merchandising starts at least 200 metres away
  • Make sure your brand identity clearly reflects what you’re selling
  • Make sure your lighting leads customers to where you want them to look
  • Reward customers for visiting you on Small Business Saturday


  • Be confident in your product and take it to as many people as you can
  • Where you can, find opportunities to cross-sell your products
  • Make sure your business can run without you by empowering your staff
  • Make sure your specials suit the time of day, and change your advertising to reflect this
  • For Small Business Saturday think about rewarding people for buying more than one item


  • Create promotions by partnering with businesses close to you
  • Find the best of the best in your area and visit them to see what they’re doing
  • Become active in the local community and show that you care about the area
  • Remember that partnerships can also be online
  • For Small Business Saturday think about giving people a treat to make their visit more memorable


  • Seek out your target market in your local community and make sure you have a brand presence there
  • Work with your local small businesses to see what cross-promotions you can offer
  • If you’re active on Facebook, increase your fan base by buying targeted likes
  • Think about ways of promoting yourself, not just your business
  • Get together with businesses near to you, and organize an event for Small Business Saturday

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