The Soapets are cleaning tools disguised as toys

Crowdfunding campaign for bath toy Soapets hits Indiegogo

Bath toy range Soapets has turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo in a bid to make it to shelves.

With the campaign ‘Have No Regrets! Soap it Up with Soapets!’, the campaign aims to reach $10,000 by January 14th, 2014.

The Soapets are cleaning tools disguised as toys, a combination creator Allan Rubinfeld believes will ‘help parents get kids clean, while eradicating bath time struggles’.

“Finally, kids are going to look forward to showering and it’s going to alleviate a lot of stress for parents,” said Rubinfeld, who came up with the idea while taking a shower.

“Soapets is my dream in the making.”

The Soapets family consists of Dyno the Dinosaur, Mimi the Ladybug, Bobo the Panda, Cici the Turtle, Wis the Penguin, Lela the Platypus and a special limited edition, Fefe the Dragon.

These plush toys are hypoallergenic consisting of 30 per cent polyester and 70 per cent rayon and are soft and gentle on the skin as well as machine washable and dryable.

A $5 pledge offers a sheet of Soapet stickers, while a pledge of $1,500 earns the contributor 140 Soapets, 20 sheets of stickers, 20 hats, 20 Soapet shirts and a slot on the VIP list.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign here and take a look at the Soapets in action below:

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